Euromedic’s warehouse and logistics center is equipped with modern technology solutions and technical equipment to ensure delivering and warehousing at the highest level.

The main features of the Logistic Centre and logistics services:

  • centrally located, well-accessible spot in Budapest, in the junction of several main roads, facilitating the performance of both Budapest and non-metropolitan deliveries (H-1119 Budapest, Nándorfejérvári út 36-40.).
  • designed for the storage of medicines and health care products,
  • approved and regularly inspected by the national competent authority OGYÉI - National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition),
  • palletized and shelf storage in ambient (15-25°C) rooms and cold (2-8°C) walk-in chambers
  • An 18-hour inspection system was established at the logistic center on the warehouse site, and a separate system was introduced to coordinate freight organization and delivery
  • 24/7 hour security service with CCTV, temperature, motion and fire alarm,
  • e-ERP system (enterprise resource planning).
  • Controlled personnel flow (personnel e-card)
  • fleet of temperature controlled trucks with the Webeye system (continuous online monitoring of temperature, GPS data, door opening and long term storage of shipment records).
  • Capability to offer contract logistic services (including storage, transport) for our partners.

Modern technology solutions



Hajnalka Villám

Hajnalka Villám

Director of Logistics



 Gyarmati Eszter

Transportation Manager


Horváth Katalin

Katalin Horváth

Warehouse Manager


Csatári Gábor

Gábor Csatári

Warehouse Manager


Vajda Marta

Márta Vajda

Quality Assurance Manager


Major József

József Major

Road Freight Transport Expert 


Address: H-1051 Budapest, Gerbeaud House, Dorottya u. 1, 2nd floor
Phone number: +36 1 8153 100
Fax number: +36 1 8153 107


Address: H-1119 Budapest, Nándorfejérvári út 36-40.

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