As the biggest pharmaceutical wholesale company in the Hungarian hospital market, Euromedic-Pharma supplies medicines either as direct sales or through a unique hospital consignment stock base called the hospital reference stock system.

Since its establishment, Euromedic-Pharma has emphasized building fruitful relationships throughout the industry. Through wise investment and continuous developmental efforts, the company has proven itself to be a powerful and significant player in the market.

The company is a leader in the supply of the biological and oncology medicines and the market leader of contrast materials for radiology.

Atlas Pharma – the newest member of the group

Atlas Pharma Kft, founded in 2016, is the newest member of the Euromedic group. After obtaining the OGYÉI (National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition) certification required for the pharmaceutical wholesale permission, the company became operational at the beginning of 2017.

With the new company, Euromedic aims to diversify the supply of medicinal products and to develop customer service but Euromedic-Pharma Zrt. remains the main pharmaceutical wholesale company.

Euromedic-Pharma Zrt. and Euromedic International Kft. cover the procurement, sales, logistics and back-office processes of Atlas Pharma Kft., so the high-level service is granted for the existing partners of the group in the future.

Pharmaceutical wholesale

As a full-scale hospital wholesaler, Euromedic-Pharma provides trading activity covering the pharmaceutical products of more than 130 manufacturers, including purchasing, warehousing, and delivery to hospitals and their contractual pharmacies.

The distributed products include:

• human pharmaceuticals and infusions
• contrast materials
• individual import pharmaceutical products
• psychotropic products
• narcotics
• oncological and biological substances

Advantages offered by Euromedic-Pharma for the hospitals:

• full scale hospital product range
• effective and flexible customer service
• high level logistics service
• unique reference stock system
• thorough knowledge of the pharmaceutical market
• neutrality toward products or manufacturers
• professionalism in pharmaceutical tenders.


Our solid logistic network consists of trucks with a cooling/heating system delivering medicines 5 days a week all over Hungary. In urgent cases, when life-saving medication is needed, we perform special deliveries upon customer request.

Reference stock system

Hospitals and their pharmacies are supplied with advantageous conditions through the unique reference stock system, which ensures a flexible availability of the products. The system and the software, which was developed based on the demands of our customers, gives significant help to the institutions in pharmaceutical and medical goods financing and stock management. The system was formed to be used in the frame of the hospital’s timetable while the tasks of the pharmacist (orders, reports) will not increase.


  • inventory for 2-4 weeks is available constantly while the costs of stock are not covered by the hospital
  • “just-in-time” or immediate delivery, since the stock are physically available “on-site”
  • the reload of stock is automatically executed based on consumption by the computer system
  • the stock is also available for the hospital retail pharmacy
  • Euromedic covers the total costs of the system including information technology
  • effective cooperation is assured by Euromedic key account manager and regional sales managers in direct contact with the hospitals

The reference stock system helps to keep the hospital’s own stock level at its minimum. There are no dead stocks in the pharmacy. The system results in significant cost cuts while the pharmaceutical supply remains at a high level and secure.

Quality assurance system


The quality assurance system (QAS) of the Company covers medicine manufacturing and wholesaling, taking the applicable EU and Hungarian legislations, guidelines (GMP and GDP), and the ISO 9001 into consideration.

The QAS of the Company makes it of prime importance to show full transparency of our systems and activities for our partners and the supervisory authority.

The QAS ensures the following:

• Well-defined structure
• Persons with special responsibilities, approved by the NCA
• Materials and medicines purchasing from qualified vendors
• Medicines supplying to qualified customers
• Medicinal products procuring, storing, supplying in a way that is compliant with the requirements of GDP and GMP
• Controlled documentation system
• Using change control process

• Risk based corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
• Internal audit program
• Training program for colleagues
• Regular facility and equipment qualification
• Complaints investigation
• Authorizations and certifications updating
• Effective communication (related to QA issues) with our partners and the NCA



Kovácsné Putnoki Katalin

Katalin Kovácsné Putnoki



Győri Szabó Beáta

Beáta Győri-Szabó

Managing Director of Atlas Pharma Kft.


Emmer Éva

Éva Emmer

Director of Diagnostics and Nephrology


Dr. Nagy Attila

Attila Nagy MD

Commercial Director



Kósa Tibor v2

Tibor Kósa PharmD

Director of Quality Assurance


Kiss Leizer Gyorgy

György Kiss-Leizer

Pharmacy Division Manager


Molnár Gabriella

Gabriella Molnár

Key Account Manager


Bertoti Zsuzsi

Zsuzsanna Bertóti

Head of Hospital Customer Service


Bárkányi Petra

Petra Bárkányi

Head of Trade Coordination Department


Lakk Amália

Amália Lakk

Public Procurement Manager


Merkl Mónika

Mónika Merkl

Purchasing Manager


Blonski Roland

Roland Blonski

Purchasing Manager



Ocsovai Tünde

Tünde Ocsovai

Sales Director


Lajos Péter

Péter Lajos

Sales Manager


Nagy Ferenc

Ferenc Nagy

Sales Manager


Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson 

Sales Manager


Pánczér Csilla

Csilla Pánczér

Sales Manager


Csali Szilvia

Szilvia Csali

Sales Manager


Ferenc Betty

Betty Ferenc

Pharmacy Sales Manager


Nagy Gyöngyi

Gyöngyi Nagy

Sales Manager


Andrasi Nikolett

Nikolett Andrási

Pharmacy Sales Manager


Vilmányi Kiss Mária

Mária Vilmányi Kiss

Sales Manager


Pataki Katalin

Katalin Pataki

Sales Manager


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